World changing technology for a sustainable future


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The 2015 climate change talks in Paris confirmed the urgency and established the goals to prevent catastrophic climate change but it produced no working solutions of how to accomplish them.

NEMCO is a new technology company that will help achieve over 60% of their most ambitious goals by transitioning buildings from electricity users to electricity generators.

Our patented technology is a heating, ventilating and air conditioning (HVAC) technology that uses only 5% of the electricity of conventional units during hot and humid weather. This one technology alone will eliminate brownouts and blackouts caused by electric air conditioning in the summer, and shrink electric grids by 30%. It also filters, purifies and sterilizes 100% outside air for the most safe, healthy and comfortable indoor environment. Since our technology is competitive in cost with conventional systems, it will quickly dominate and redefine the global $50Billion/year air conditioning business.

This is a world changer

By treating hot & humid 100% outside air using 65°F cooling, we can eliminate electric refrigeration

We can provide the most comfortable and healthy indoor environment using clean, renewable energy sources.

Commercial & Institutional


Liquid Desiccant Air Conditioning Technology

We have improved occupant comfort and productivity by 5% to 15% while reducing ownership cost by 90%.

World changing technology...

                     ...for a sustainable future